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FOCUS ON Business #7 – the latest issue of magazine is available


In the last issue of FOCUS ON Business Magazine in 2022 we present you a set of great articles and interviews focused on business, investments and HR. In this issue we have collected interesting stories from the areas of law, startups, hybrid work, diversity but also concerning GBS marketplace.

The latter subject is being discussed with Mark Angus from GBS World, whose Team has created the World Source Marketplace for Global Business Services.


How about gender gap – this is very important topic discussed all over the world, and here we give you excellent article which answers the question is the gender gap in EU and Ukraine a myth or still a reality? And all from the perspective of women in business, public life and... Ukrainian army.


As always we bring you stories from GBS locations – this time you can read about Georgia as the hub for BSS as well as Lithuanian approach to diversity in businessscience and education. For the first time we also have a pleasure to showcase Wroclaw – one of the TOP3 Polish BSS destinations.


VUCA, BANI, labour market trends, facts and myths about SSC’s, remote cooperation, vision in startups and much more – you will find everything you need in this edition of FOCUS ON Business.

Enjoy the reading!


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The Polish language edition: 

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The September-October issue of FOCUS ON Business is available

Welcome to the September-October edition of FOCUS ON Business magazine. As the holiday season becomes a distant memory, we've curated a compelling array of articles and interviews from the realm of business services to accompany you through the early weeks of autumn. In our Main Interview, we sit down with Agnieszka Jarosz, the Head of ACCA Northern and Eastern Europe.