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Focus on Elbląg 2022 - report


Focus on Elblag 2022 report covers the field of economics, real estate, salaries, education, culture and the direct business environment of the BSS sector in Elblag.

Elbląg is an ideal example of a city that dynamically develops its infrastructure for companies from the modern business services sector. A good academic base, a diversified teaching profile, and the development of office infrastructure are just some of the arguments that Elbląg can boast about.

It is worth emphasizing the fact that Elbląg is close to the Tri-City. From the geographical point of view, Elbląg is a natural satellite for a large Tri-City agglomeration, and the trend of recent years shows that it is the cities located in the vicinity of large business cities that become the headquarters of sister branches of many IT, financial and accounting companies or call contact centers.


We invite you to reach to the Focus on Elbląg report - a compendium of knowledge about the environment of the BSS sector in Elbląg.

The report has been prepared in Polish and English and can be downloaded free of charge.

English language edition: 

Polsh language edition: 

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