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Inaugural Talks&Drinks in Gdańsk


On July 26, 2023, a new series of meetings for the Pro Progressio community began at Pro Progressio. The inaugural meeting, accompanied by the motto Talks&Drinks, took place in Gdańsk, where nearly 30 representatives of organizations affiliated with the Pro Progressio Club gathered at the Chilliflex serviced office spaces.


A pleasant surprise was that not only local Pro Progressio Club members attended the meeting but also those who specifically traveled from Warsaw, Łódź, and even Bielsko-Biała for this event.


The Talks&Drinks meeting format combines a concentrated dose of information about what is happening in the sector of modern business services in Poland and around the world, with business networking in a relaxed atmosphere.


During the 30-minute substantive part, the floor was taken by Wiktor Doktór (Pro Progressio), Marcin Grzegory (Invest in Pomerania), Cezary Maciołek and Tomasz Gromko (Progres Group), and Patrycja Chracewicz (We!come Association).


The next meeting in the Talks&Drinks series will take place in September. In the meantime, we invite you to view the photo gallery from the Tricity event.


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