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Level2 Ventures and Pro Progressio launch the CASPEN4Startups


The business organization Pro Progressio, in cooperation with the Level2 Ventures fund, is launching a project aimed at developing cooperation between startups and leading large companies in the areas of modern business services, ICT, industry, logistics, and real estate, gathered in the Pro Progressio Club. The CASPEN4Startups program in the commercial formula launches on July 18, 2022. It is designed for startups and scaleups from the CEE region. The main pillars include strengthening networking, recommendations, and opportunities for cooperation with industry leaders, extensive promotional activities, and dedicated educational initiatives.


As a business organization that for many years has been bringing together companies from the broader business services sector, we know how important it is to build networking based on relationships, which often facilitates and accelerates the development of a company on many levels. Hence came the idea for a joint initiative aimed at startups - CASPEN4Startups, in which Level2 Ventures provides mentoring sessions and strategic consultations, and Pro Progressio provides strengthening networking, extensive promotional activities, and the opportunity to cooperate with leaders in their industries - explains Wiktor Doktór, CEO of Pro Progressio.


CASPEN4Startups (from Consulting, Advisory, Support, Promotion, Education, and Networking) is a project based on the business experience of practitioners of building and scaling companies and creators of active business communities as an effective tool that allows startups to build market recognition in their target groups, establish cooperation at the level of decision-makers in the validation of business ideas, their improvement and sale.


We are keen to deepen the relationship between startups and large companies, which will enable the validation of ideas at the early stages of development on the one hand, and the adoption of innovative solutions where they can contribute to process optimization or efficiency on the other. We also assume a possible scenario of enterprise investment where startups are more efficient in terms of products and solutions than the R&D departments. – Piotr Pawlowski, General Partner of Level2 Ventures, concludes.


Pro Progressio is an organization that supports the development of entrepreneurship in Poland and Europe. For many years, it has been creating an active business environment that strengthens the development of its members through its conferences, media, competitions, reports, and cooperation with renowned organizations from all over the world, thus ensuring the best access to the exchange of knowledge and provision of services at the highest level. The Pro Progressio Club brings together Enterprise and SME companies from the modern business services, ICT, industrial, logistics, and real estate industries, as well as public sector organizations.


Level2 Ventures is a venture capital fund operating in the CEE region since 2021. It invests in B2B SaaS and Marketplace, AI-based solutions, WEB 3.0 & Blockchain, Industry 4.0, Sustainability, and Pet Tech startups at the pre-Seed, Seed, and Round A stages. The fund allocates between €250k and €1.5 million in investment at a time. It has a capital of PLN 130 million. Founded and led by experienced ICT CEOs Adam Rudowski and Piotr Pawlowski. 

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