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May edition of Outsourcing&More


Sales is the real engine of each company and this time we have decided to focus more on that subject in current edition of Outsourcing&More. We have described also steps to accelerating more women into leadership, data security, as well as the customer experience in international scenario. On our pages you can find description of ITO&BPO Germany Forum from Berlin and invitation to another BVB Cup at Sopot.

In current edition of Best2Invest we have focused a little bit more on investment areas. What is the situation in larger, medium and smaller cities? Will the proposed land trading act have a negative impact on the Polish investment land market? Those are just few areas described in the magazine. We are also presenting our relation from City Tour Lublin, some industry fresh news and refill with publication from HR area describing criteria used when choosing an employer. 

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Przemysław Sławiński is the new Pro Progressio Ambassador in Łódź

The goal of the Pro Progressio “White Tigers” Ambassador program is to support the development of modern business services in Poland and promote good business practices and high professional ethics. Przemysław Sławiński is Services Head - Client Operations at Infosys Poland.

Andon Simeonov is the Pro Progressio Ambassador in Bulgaria

Pro Progressio Ambassadors - White Tigers are people who have been involved in cooperation with the organization for many years, with whom Pro Progressio can jointly have a real impact on the development of the BSS sector in Poland and promote our country on the international arena of modern business services through the exchange of experiences.