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Pro Progressio Business Talks – Kim Maneeley, Senior Managing Director, talks about the biggest outsourcing association worldwide – IAOP


Both the BPO and SSC industry, globally, are growing, developing and entering new areas of business. Nearly in every service providing country, there are already present industry organizations and associations or chambers who represent the service suppliers or are the trendsetters for the market best practises. Today we have a pleasure to talk with Kim Maneeley, Senior Managing Director of Strategy and Program Integration at IAOP, the biggest outsourcing association worldwide. 

Wiktor Doktór: Kim, It’s been a while since IAOP was established. Can you share some details of what were the main goals in creating IAOP?

Kim Maneeley: When IAOP was created, we had three very clear goals: 
1. To build the largest, most active global network of organizations and individuals involved in outsourcing as customers, providers and advisors;

2. To set the de facto standard for expertise and professionalism, and;

3. To collectively shape the future of outsourcing as an industry and as a profession.

While the way we support and serve our members has certainly evolved — as the industry has — in the last decade, our ultimate mission of bringing these key stakeholder groups together to improve outsourcing and business model outcomes has not.

Wiktor Doktór: Within those years many things have changed. You have implemented education programs, courses and other activities. Can you describe the main areas of activities IAOP is running now?

Kim Maneeley: IAOP is more than just a membership-based association. Since IAOP is knowledge-based and developed a set of approved standards for the outsourcing industry, we are in the best position to offer an outsourcing training and certification program. The Certified Outsourcing Professional (COP) certification and COP Master Class have become the de facto standards for organizations looking to improve their outsourcing outcomes. 

Our Global Chapter Network is another great way for people to share knowledge and get educated. With 40+ active chapters around the world and chapter meetings held via webinar as well as in person, it is easy to attend meetings that suit your needs.

IAOP award programs are designed to showcase the best companies, best teams and best leaders in our field. In so doing, IAOP not only helps to recognize their accomplishments but also helps to set a standard of excellence to which others can aspire.

IAOP’s Knowledge Center is the industry’s premier repository of outsourcing information, with over a thousand articles, studies, white papers, reports and conference proceedings available.

Lastly, and what launched our association, is The Outsourcing World Summit Conference Series. OWS is the longest running and most respected educational conference in the industry. First produced in 1998, the Summit has been held more than 30 times on five continents and is renowned for the quality of its speakers and the depth and breadth of its educational programs. 

Wiktor Doktór: Day to day know-how sharing and education of outsourcing professionals is one thing, but each year you give the opportunity to listen to the wise heads and meet them during your annual event in the US – The Outsourcing World Summit. How is OWS organized and what do you offer to delegates during that meeting?

Kim Maneeley: The Summit is keynoted by top business, academic and government leaders, and complemented by more than 50 in-depth breakout sessions, case studies and workshops.  We make adjustments each year, based on attendee feedback.  For example, we continue to offer customer-only and provider-only networking sessions, which attendees find so valuable. New last year was the ‘game show’ format we did for one of the general sessions, which enabled audience participation – they became part of the session!  In addition to the exhibition hall, which allows service providers and advisors the opportunity to become an extension of the program, by offering delegates their insights, the overall networking of the event is fantastic.  

It is very important to us that delegates walk away with the ideas and tools to be actionable when they get back to their offices. 

We hope to see you at OWS17 in San Antonio, Texas in February!

Wiktor Doktór: Besides OWS, you have also started organizing the EOS (European Outsourcing Summit). In Europe, there are already some outsourcing industry events. Why did you decide to have your event and what are the unique values of it?

Kim Maneeley: We’ve been very active in Europe, particularly with our chapters, for many years. The event in Amsterdam in November will be our fifth time presenting EOS, which has also been held in Copenhagen, Barcelona, Paris and Frankfurt. The truth is, our members have asked for it and we want to support those members. We also have very strong partnerships across the region that help us get the word out, like the one we have with you and Pro Progessio! I think IAOP is uniquely qualified to share a larger vision of the industry and bring customers, providers, advisors and academics together in a way that isn’t being done by others.

Wiktor Doktór: In IAOP you are running COP program. This stands for Certified Outsourcing Professional. You have already said few words about it earlier but what is this certification about and why is it so important for outsourcing managers?

Kim Maneeley: The COP is an experience based designation that powerfully demonstrates an individual possesses the experience and knowledge required to design, implement and manage outsourcing initiatives.  Becoming a COP signifies that you are an expert in your field. It gives you, and your employer, confidence in your job skills. Whether you’re a buyer, provider or advisor, having the COP designation shows the industry that you have the knowledge and critical skills to improve outsourcing outcomes.  Benefits of the COP include improved performance on the job, an edge in today’s competitive world, advanced career potential due to recognition as a certified industry professional and potentially higher income for being recognized as an outsourcing expert. 

Wiktor Doktór: IAOP is also the editor of PULSE Magazine. What do you write about in PULSE and where is it distributed?

Kim Maneeley:  Available bi-monthly online, PULSE magazine features in-depth coverage of the industry, issues, trends, geographies and vertical sectors and functions; thought leadership and case studies, probing Q&As, C-level interviews and profiles. This includes exclusive and insider coverage of IAOP events, programs, awards, research, training and certifications and surveys. IAOP members receive a free subscription and can submit content as well. We are very proud of our magazine, which is highly regarded! Check it out at

Wiktor Doktór: We could talk a lot about a number of IAOP initiatives, but there is one program, which I would like to ask for sure – IAOP Award Programs. You run few of them. Who can participate in those programs and what value do they bring to companies and outsourcing managers?

Kim Maneeley: Our most prestigious award is The IAOP Leadership Hall of Fame Award which is in a way our ‘lifetime achievement’ award and is unique in that it recognizes individuals not only for their contributions to innovative management practices and collaborative business models but just as importantly for their contributions to society at-large through measurable outcomes. 

We also annually conduct an independent assessment of the capabilities of outsourcing service providers and advisors, and based on this assessment, publish The Global Outsourcing 100 and The World’s Best Outsourcing Advisors lists. This program is application based and completely opt-in. Applications are judged by an independent panel of experienced outsourcing buyers on five judging criteria: Size and Growth, Customer References, Delivery Excellence, Programs for Innovation, and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). The lists are widely shared through IOAP’s own network and social media as well as featured in both Fortune® and PULSE magazines. The application process opens September 1st.

Lastly, IAOP recognizes outsourcing professional teams at customer organizations that are leading the effort to better serve their organization’s customers and make their companies more successful through outsourcing. The GEO Awards are given in two categories: Best Practices recognizes a customer company's outsourcing team for its leadership in defining, implementing and managing an outsourcing relationship that clearly exemplifies accepted industry best practices while significantly contributing to the company's overall success; and Innovation, that recognizes a customer company’s outsourcing team that has either used creative and unique approaches in the design and implementation of an outsourcing initiative, or  has used outsourcing as a critical element in creating an innovative outcome Nominations are now being accepted at our website at  

Wiktor Doktór: Thank you, Kim, for this conversation. See you soon in Amsterdam at EOS16 and talk to you soon. 

Kim Maneeley: Thank you, Wiktor, for the opportunity and your support of IAOP!  

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