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Pro Progressio publishes "H1 /2022 Office Review for BSS Operation Centres"

The H1 /2022 Office Review For BSS Operation Centers includes the most important information on several dozen office buildings, enriched with visualizations of office spaces carried out by architecture offices and fit-out companies cooperating with Pro Progressio. 

The new report: FOCUS ON Bydgoszcz 2022

FOCUS ON Bydgoszcz 2022 report covers the fields of economics, real estate, salaries, education, culture and the business environment of the BSS sector in Bydgoszcz

The new report: FOCUS ON Tricity 2022

Why is Tricity so attractive for investors? We invite you to read the FOCUS ON Tricity report - a compendium of knowledge about the environment of the BSS sector in the Tricity.

Focus on Częstochowa Report Edition 2021 released

This is already the sixth edition of the Focus on Częstochowa report prepared by Pro Progressio.

Pro Progressio releases Focus on Bydgoszcz report

Bydgoszcz is another city that the Pro Progressio Foundation looked at in 2020. The latest report - Focus on Bydgoszcz, whose partners are the Bydgoszcz Regional Development Agency, Polish Investment and Trade Agency as well as JLL and Antal was released in the Polish and English language versions.