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The first issue of FOCUS ON Business magazine in 2023 is available!


We invite you to read the first issue of FOCUS ON Business in 2023, in which we have collected a set  of articles and interviews in the areaa of business and its immediate environment.


We especially recommend reading the Main Interview of the issue – our interlocutor is Radosław Jankie, Partner at KPMG, with whom we talk about the global BSS market and the changes that are taking place on this market.


In our international section we are covering cases revealing how Ukrainian IT business community has not only survived, but also managed to develop, strengthen and scale its presence around the world.


In the legal section, we present publications on competition law in the aspect of fair competition for talents and issues related to acting as a member of the management board.


Continuing the series dedicated to the functioning of startups, we present the article concerning the path of a startup from the seed phase to the exit phase, as seen from the investor's perspective.


In the first article in the series devoted to the global BSS sector by Mark Angus from GBS.World, we recommend reading an analysis of Poland's success as a key nearshore and offshore location, presented on the basis of a wide range of market data.


In the HR section, we present the issues related to challenges that employers are currently facing in the context of high expectations regarding employees’ benefits.

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The English language edition:

The Polish language edition: 

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