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The new report: FOCUS ON Łódź 2022


The FOCUS ON Łódź 2022 report contains cross-sectional data characterizing the environment of the modern business services sector in Łódź.


Łódź is a city with a great potential for the business services sector which has been present in the city for nearly two decades, with growing development dynamics every year. There are at least several reasons for this, and the most important ones include the human resources and real estate potential as well as the high level of logistics development of the agglomeration.


Why is Łódź so attractive for investors? We invite you to read the FOCUS ON Łódź 2022 report - a compendium of knowledge about the environment of the BSS sector in Łódź.


The study was prepared by Pro Progressio in cooperation with the Polish Investment and Trade Agency, Łódź Municipal Office, JLL and Cpl Poland.


The report is available in Polish and English and can be downloaded free of charge.


English language edition: 

Polsh language edition: 

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