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The Outsourcing Stars 2015 finals


On 28 January in Warsaw there took place a ceremony  marking the end of the year in the outsourcing industry in Poland. The Outsourcing Stars 2015 Gala gathered 300 guests, including academics, businesspeople and representatives of industry organisations from 15 countries worldwide. Experts gave a summary of this successful year, in which, according to the Pro Progressio Foundation, the industry's growth reached 18-20%.

The world's leading experts meeting

This event, arranged by the Pro Progressio Foundation, was held under the auspices of the Ministry of Economy, the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency (PAIiIZ) and the Polish Bank Association. The official part started with a speech by Sławomir Majman, President of PAIiIZ, who emphasised the great success of the outsourcing industry in Poland in 2015, and an apparent increased interest among investors in smaller business locations: Rzeszów, Bydgoszcz and Szczecin. Romek Lubaczewski, a PwC expert, emphasised that the growth in the sector does not only include new investments in particular regions, but also the development of already existing shared service centres, which are additionally contributing to the success of the industry.

Others who took the floor during this ceremony were foreign guests such as Stephan Fricke, President of the German Outsourcing Association. His speech concerned German investments in Poland attracted by high-quality services provided in the country. Marko Kovacevic, Member of the Board of IAOP, presented the activities of the greatest outsourcing organisation in the world, made up of over 120.000 members. Stepan Veselovskyi, President of the Lviv IT Cluster, spoke about advantages of Polish and Ukrainian cooperation in ITO services, emphasising its value for both countries. India, the world's outsourcing capital, represented by D. K. Sareen, Managing Director of ESC, a leading organisation promoting the export of IT services, and associating over 2300 IT companies. Wojciech Piotrowicz, representing the academic community, a lecturer and researcher at the University of Oxford, appealed for greater cooperation of business and governmental organisations with the academic milieu to promote Polish outsourcing among world universities.

Industry leaders

The aim of the Outsourcing Stars Gala is not only a summary of the year in this industry. It is also to award the best and most dynamically developing providers of outsourcing services, and their related business institutions. The only non-commercial industry competition in Poland covers 12 categories. The laureates of this year's awards are:

  • Archiving Documents – ArchiDoc 
  • BPO  – Capita
  • Call/Contact Centre  – Transcom
  • Car Fleet Management – ALD Automotiv
  • Developer  – Skanska
  • HR / Employee Leasing – Progres Group
  • HR / Recruitment – Leasing Team Group
  • IT Contracting  – Sii
  • Accounting / HR / Payroll – Extor
  • City – Poznań
  • Sales Force Outsourcing – Sales Group
  • Real Estate (Real Estate Consulting) – JLL

Industry premières

The Outsourcing Stars 2015 Gala was accompanied by the première of a new Best2Invest platform module ( - One Stop Shop.

One Stop Shop is an innovative system of fast data analysis and developing a short list of locations for investments and business partners to be chosen from. The system automatically compares key parameters related to establishing businesses in Poland such as the availability of qualified employees, office area, competitive environment, investment services, and presents the results in the form of a report. For the first time, during the Gala, the annual report of the Pro Progressio Foundation concerning the outsourcing industry in Poland was released. “This is the first summary of this kind. It covers an annual summary of situations in particular outsourcing fields, an outline of the prominent experts in the industry, and business profiles of service providers. In addition, the document contains descriptions of the locations recommended for the development of the business service sector,” said Wiktor Doktór, President of the Pro Progressio Foundation.

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