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The Pro Progressio 2022 Annual Report


As every year, Pro Progressio has published the Annual Report, in which the authors share their subjective opinions on the development of the modern business services sector, as well as present a list of individuals and companies that significantly influence the development of the BSS sector in Poland and beyond.


The part of the Report summarizing 2022 presents issues related to Pro Progressio's activities, including areas such as FOCUS ON Business media, podcasts, investor support, conferences, and Intranet. The publication also presents forecasts of trends for 2023.


Traditionally, the report includes a list of winners of the Outsourcing Stars annual competition.


Most of the attention in every Annual Report is devoted to the people who constantly develop and achieve successes in the modern business services industry in Poland and worldwide. The list of these individuals can be found in the sections: Ambassadors, Business Tigers - Poland, and International Business Tigers.


The Business Services Leaders section presents companies that are trusted business partners of Pro Progressio, while the Business Locations section includes a list of cities and agglomerations that the organization recommends for cooperation in the area of BSS investment location in Poland.


We highly recommend reading the latest Pro Progressio 2022 Annual Report!

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Talks&Drinks with Friends in Warsaw

On June 6th, 2024, another meeting from the Talks&Drinks series was held in Warsaw. The event took place in the modern Loftmill office, located in the Lixa C building. Over 70 people took part in the meeting, including members of the Pro Progressio Club and the companies they invited.

The Pro Progressio 2023 Annual Report

Pro Progressio has a pleasure to announce the release of our 2023 Annual Report, providing a detailed look at the modern business services sector. As in previous years’ editions,we share our insights and highlight individuals and companies that have made significant contributions to the business services sector in Poland and internationally.

Agata Stolarz appointed as Operations Director at Pro Progressio

Pro Progressio is pleased to announce the promotion of Agata Stolarz to the position of Operations Director. Agata, a longstanding member of the Pro Progressio team, brings valuable experience and dedication to her new role, having been a co-creator of many key projects and initiatives within the organization.