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The September-October issue of FOCUS ON Business is available


Welcome to the September-October edition of FOCUS ON Business magazine. As the holiday season becomes a distant memory, we've curated a compelling array of articles and interviews from the realm of business services to accompany you through the early weeks of autumn.


In our Main Interview, we sit down with Agnieszka Jarosz, the Head of ACCA Northern and Eastern Europe, to delve into the subject of future competencies essential for finance and accounting teams.


Within the pages of this edition of FOCUS ON Business, you'll discover a treasure trove of stories from the CX industry. Join us for an insightful interview with Grzegorz Baran, Head of Transcom Poland, as we commemorate two decades of Transcom’s presence in our country. We also bring you the latest on Alorica's entry into the Polish market, along with an enlightening conversation with Monika Röhr-Łukasik, Director of Foundever, shedding light on their recent rebranding efforts and the prevailing trends in customer relationship management.


We encourage you to explore our other thought-provoking publications, including KPMG article emphasizing the pivotal role of a strong brand in the growth of shared service centers. Speaking of shared service centers, our SSC Lions section introduces you to Małgorzata Janiszewska, who shares insights into the activities of the Signify Shared Services Center in Łódź, which she adeptly manages.


In the context of the legal and tax landscape within which businesses operate in Poland, this edition places significant emphasis on various aspects. One such aspect is structured invoicing, encompassing the National e-Invoicing System, often referred to as the "KSeF." Additionally, we delve into the benefits and implications ushered in by the SLIM VAT 3 package.


Within our pages, you'll also find engaging articles about multiple Polish cities’ initiatives and attractions, as well as informative pieces and analysis on HR matters. Thank you for choosing FOCUS ON Business as your source of industry insights.


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